Robot Framework Meetup

It is time to get together and meet other Robot Framework users.
Some benefits:

  1. You get to know Robot Framework
  2. You meet people who use it
  3. You see nice/terrible/weird use cases (you choose)
  4. You’ll get some beverages
  5. Other will meet you
  6. You may end up learning something
  7. Perhaps we could form a Robot Framework Meetup -group in Stockholm

    Time: 21.11.2017 at 18:00
    Location: Fareoffice Car Rental Services Ab, Celsiusgatan 10, Stockholm

    – Introduction to Robot Framework by Pekka Klärck (Lead developer and original author of Robot Framework)
    – Robots in a Docker – running tests as part of a pipeline by Jan Matilainen (@blunttester )

    More information from: