Joining in (30 Day Testing Challenge)

I know. I’m late, but I have an excuse (as always).

The Ministry Of Testing released a 30 Day Testing Challenge in June 2016. Basically challenge is a list of 30 +1 different test -related actions you should’ve done during July. Unfortunately (or luckily, depending on how you look at things) I was on vacation half of teh time, so I figured I’d have it a go on August instead. And since now it’s August 1st, I assume it’s a good day to start.

In the original post it was somehow implied that the challenge should be done during one calendar month. Since I already broke the initial plan to have the challenge done during July, I might as well ruin it otherwise, too.

My plan is simple. I’m going to do the challenge, in 30 + 1 workdays . This means I’m going to have 6 weeks on doing the challenge. Plus one external day for the last one. I suppose that can be accepted even by the ministry clerks 😀



5 thoughts on “Joining in (30 Day Testing Challenge)

  1. We approve 🙂 Really, anyone can start it at anytime. It was nice to do it together, but not everyone can do that. The feedback has been so great, we do have plans to do more things around this idea.

    • Idea is great! I’d really appreciate to join in for real next time. And I welcome for real everything similar in the future 😀
      But like said I was having vacation and I have a strict policy; when I’m off, I’m off for real 😉

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